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Several shades of gold shimmer from dark to light, metallic to rose, depending on the way the sun hits the new Ngoolark Student Services building. It is a shimmering, golden façade, demanding attention in Perth, Western Australia. The project, stretching over six levels, is named after the endangered white tailed black cockatoo, indigenous to the area.

Ngoolark stands as an impressive civic building that has brought together the many functions the campus building serves. Located at the confluence of a number of important campus pedestrian paths, the site posed more of an obstacle between buildings than a connector. A major level difference was also a feature of the site. This was previously a hindrance but is now an important part of the project’s success. While currently fitted out as primarily office space the building has been designed so that it is possible for it to be easily converted into classroom and teaching space.

Embedded within the fabric of the interior and exterior of the project are a number of themes which were developed and brought to life through consultation with ECU’s Cultural Liaison Officer, from Kurrongkurl Katitjin and the local Noongar community. The first relates to the golden folded perforated aluminum veil which is wrapped around the three upper levels of the building, the ceramic frit on the glazed facade and the carpet design throughout the building – Ngoolark, the Carnaby’s Cockatoo.

The mastery of the design gives the building a three-dimensional shape from the street, while becoming completely transparent when viewed from the inside. ALUCOBOND® panels used on the lower levels of the project in varying shades of spectra Desert Gold, Bronze and Gold Metallic complement the remaining perforated exterior, with its similarly shimmering and light-changing abilities.

Project: Edith Cowan University, Joondalup WA

Architect: JCY Architects and Urban Designers, Australia

Year of Cosntruction: 2015

Product: ALUCOBOND® PLUS in spectra Desert Gold, Bronze Metallic, Gold Metallic

Fotos: Peter Bennetts and Rob Ramsay

© Peter Bennetts
© Peter Bennetts

© Rob Ramsay

© Rob Ramsay

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