Discover ALUMIL’s brand new showroom in Thessaloniki


The new showroom is the largest and most complete showroom in Greece

The new showroom is the largest and most complete showroom in Greece. Modern architecture, dynamic geometrical shapes, refined design and of course innovative aluminum systems of high international standards in various interesting typologies, decorate this unique showroom.

A large number of professionals such as architects, fabricators, engineers and interior designers, as well as journalists, had the opportunity to be informed about the innovative products and the expertise of the globally renowned company.

As part of the opening event, the company introduced the innovative project of Google's offices in New York, which incorporates the philosophy of all new systems made by ALUMIL. The guests had the chance to see from up close the exhibit of the advanced window, which was used to upgrade the look and energy efficiency of Google's offices, at one of the most central buildings in Manhattan, the «111 Eighth Avenue» with over 3,500 windows! Specifically, ALUMIL was the only company that responded immediately to the challenge of the American company to create windows with very high performance in thermal coefficients, waterproofness and sound reduction.

In the new showroom, visitors can see and experience all new advanced products of ALUMIL, which incorporate the innovative philosophy of Google's window: Modern design, high safety and thermal insulation, robustness and excellent durability.

During the event, the CEO of the company, Mr. Georgios Milonas, mentioned: "In a particularly difficult time for our industry, we are pleased that our company continues to grow, by undertaking projects that contribute to its global recognition. Systematic work, attention to detail and passion for what we do, are our weapons to continue to innovate through collaborations that highlight the philosophy of our company to create valuable products for the ever growing human needs.”

Discover ALUMIL’s brand new showroom in Thessaloniki

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