ANYWAYdoors receives a prestigious AZ Award

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ANYWAYdoors receives a prestigious AZ Award for its pivoting room divider

ANYWAYdoors receives a prestigious AZ Award for its pivot doors on the sixth annual AZ Awards from AZURE magazine.

Our pivoting "Room Divider" concept won in the category "best architectural product". On top of the jury prize, we also won the “people’s choice” award, which is the absolute icing on the cake.

A special thank you from the entire Anyway team for the amazing jury and the online voters for the people's choice!!

More info:

Our "Room Divider" concept has received multiple awards during various international design contests since it was launched:

Reddot Award 2015 - winner - category: product design

AZ Awards 2016 - winner - category: best architectural product

Architizer Awards 2016 - "special mention" as an industry leader for architecture and design

Pivoting room dividers
Pivoting room dividers

Our popular room divider concept received a prestigious AZ Award.

Pivoting room divider in action

Our modern pivot doors are equipped with invisible pivoting hinges without floor fixtures. The compact hinge system features a high-tech comfort closure which works in both swing directions, allowing doors to revolve up to 360°. These innovative hinges make it possible for a door as heavy as 150kg to feel as light as a feather. The Anyway philosophy allows the door to open in all possible directions. A pivoting door equipped with a 360° central pivot point can therefore revolve endless.

Pivoting room divider with central 360° pivoting hinge

The invisible pivoting hinges are mounted on the floor surface using a compact stainless steel part, without floor spring or integrated floor fixtures. The minimum floor anchoring (2 bolts +-4cm deep) allows for easy installation on any type of floor even with underfloor heating systems. During the development process, a great deal of attention was paid to installation and user-friendliness so that the pivoting door could be used in new builds as well as renovations regardless of the floor construction! The invisible hinges are fully integrated into the door leaf so virtually nothing is visible on the floor.

Pivoting room divider with central axis 360° hinge

All pivot doors close soundlessly by means of patented locking technology integrated in the door as well as in the minimalist frame. The male (convex) part consists of a synthetic profile on the door leaf; the synthetic fitting in the door frame is the female (concave) part. Every Anyway door can therefore be set at an opening of 90°, or 180°/360°. Even with doors swinging at 180°/360°, this guarantees perfect closure and positioning.

Pivoting room divider with offset axis pivot hinge

The pivoting hinges are designed to create both offset axis and central 360° pivoting doors. In an offset axis pivoting door, we use a 1/3 ratio for the pivot point mounting. All Anyway door panels can be equipped with this technology.

Our most popular "steel look" room divider

Our popular "Steel Look" collection is used to create timeless pivot doors that fit in a wide range of interior styles. The old school steel look is remastered by Anyway with black anodized aluminium. This results in a lightweight pivoting door, custom-made from a combination of modern materials such as anodized aluminium and 6mm of tempered glass. Most clients choose clear glass with or without aluminium grid lines on the glass. Various other popular glass types such as matte or colored glass can also be mounted in the black frame.

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