Discover the new and improved Pamela Spa


The Pamela Spa includes various advanced, top of the line features

Aquatica Pamela Hydro Massage Acrylic Bathtub

The new and improved Pamela Spa has been equipped with an exclusive wireless capacitive glass keypad and two independently controllable hydromassage zones. Making the Pamela Spa the ultimate at-home spa experience for couples.

The Pamela Spa includes various advanced, top of the line features like the Hydromassage Zone Control (HZC™); Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™); Underwater Chromotherapy Lighting; Temperature Control; Bluetooth Enabled High-End Audio System with Stereo Speakers and a Subwoofer; a Motorized Bath Drain and Electronic Bath Filler, including a Thermostatic Valve and Built-In Hand Held Shower.

Among the many aesthetically attractive features of the new Pamela Spa is the modern, sleek looking and truly low profile SlimLine jets that are flush with the bath walls. The minimalistic jets are smooth to the touch and aesthetically pleasing. The SlimLine jet front plates are exclusively made from chrome plated solid brass with perfect surface finishing, ensuring durability and long life.

Hydromassage Zone Control (HZC™)

In larger sized whirlpool baths, like the Pamela Spa, using just a single pump won’t be enough to sufficiently achieve an effective hydromassage effect; or to enjoy the bath equally for two people. Therefore, Aquatica engineers divided the bathtub into 2 distinctive and independently controllable massage zones, which have each been equipped with the most effective massage system allowing each system to be operated separately or simultaneously. Making this hydromassage bathtub not only a designers pick but also versatile and efficient.

Back Massage with Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™)

The Back Massage Zone has been fitted with a dedicated pump and the optional Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™) which will achieve the best therapeutic results for optimum massaging results.

Bluetooth Audio with a Built-in Subwoofer

The Bluetooth Audio system comes standard with Pamela Spa and consists of two transducers, subwoofer, a control box and amplifier. The bathtub acts as the actual sound box, delivering natural sounds of the highest quality. This unique sound system is operated simply by using the audio device once the Bluetooth function has been activated. Your device will then automatically be recognized on the next use. You can also adjust the volume and/or skip tracks with the universal waterproof wireless remote that comes with the bathtub.

Immerse in a sound and bath experience tailor made to forget the troubles of your day.

• Hydromassage Zone Control (HZC™) for 2 bathers

• Powerful Back Massage with Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™)

• Bottom Mounted Airmassage

• Independently Operating Water heating with temperature control up to 40C (104F)

• Waterproof Wireless Remote control with beautiful capacitive glass interface

• Underwater chromotherapy lighting with various lighting shows

• Bluetooth Audio system

• Multiplex E Electronic Bath Filler, Diverter & Motorized Drain

• Matching Handshower

• 230V 50Hz or 60Hz AC power with 25A RCD (GFI) protected fuse

• A matching cable diameter is needed to sustain the above current rating

• Depending on the building type and cable conduit condition 2.5 mm2 (most installations) or 4 mm2 electrical cable is required

• 5 Year Limited Warranty on the bathtub

• 5 Year Limited Warranty on the motor and the pump

• 2 Year Limited Warranty on the remote controller and the buttons

Discover the new and improved Pamela Spa

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