Spotlight Rolling Wall: More office space with moving partition

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The sliding modules are furnished in three panel models:

- Blind

- Glass


Our strengths:

Lightweight: only 25kg/mq

Thickness: 60mm only in form, space saved when the partition is placed. Two different methods of sliding:

- Monocarrello, for a packing in alignment with the track.

- Bicarrello, increasing modules mobility thanks to the particular rail section and carriages, allows to realize angles from 45° to 90°. In this way you have a total freedom to make your partition. We do not need special support structures: would be very expansive for our customers. With filling our technical data sheet, you can avoid unnecessary inspections. In the upper part of the track, it may predispose infill horizontal. Each carriage is coated with a special material: DERLIN, which allows high flow rates with small thicknesses. Even when the wall is fastened directly to a floor, the sliding track of the carriage can be adjusted to obtain a correct positioning of the modules. Closure system:

1) Through a knob activates the internal mechanism for locking the module.

2) At the end of each element, this mechanism actuates a telescopic profile / tilting which lies perfectly to the shape of the floor.

3) At this point, press the module / sliding partition both floor and the upper rail, closing tightly around the room. Rolling Wall can mount doors, in the lower part of the telescopic system is positioned a guillotine, wich is activated after closing the door. This system allows us to obtain greater sound insulation.

This telescopic guillotine system looks similar to the near modules, thus to obtain a finishing uniformity. It is possible do de-activate this telescopic guillotine.

Spotlight Rolling Wall: More office space with moving partition

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