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Health Sector: Designing for Patients First

Hilary Edesess

Designing interiors for health care facilities faces greater demands than for other sectors.

It requires better risk management, higher cleanliness standards and consideration of how different types of users, from patient to staff, visitor to cleaner, will interact with the design. In addition, recovery can be linked to a patient’s positive association with their surroundings.

“Healing is tied to physical environment and what overall experience is created,” Beth McGrew, Director of Healthcare Sales for Global, told ArchiExpo e-Magazine.

NeoCon 2017 revealed design themes for positive patient experience in a variety of healthcare contexts, including inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and procedure spaces, rehabilitation centers and mental health facilities. Beyond design’s capacity to show empathy and maintain patient dignity, it facilitates access to light and nature, strong support systems and reduced sensory pollution, contributing to better treatment and recovery.

Courtesy of Herman Miller
Courtesy of Herman Miller

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