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Inside the House of Games

Erin Tallman
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The game room. In the center of the space was a giant chess board with designer stools as pawns like the Minotti Cesar outdoor side table and a large art sculpture as the queen made by Italian artist Ambrogio Pozzi.

It was an expressive room to inspire and showcase today’s design generation, not meant to be an interactive space.

A few objects found in the game room were Open Dome Chair by POLaRT (bright blue), Guéridon Bas, Saint Martin stools by Hamilton Conte Paris design, Rometti limited edition, Zig Zag pink by Pols Patterns, pieces from Christian Lacroix, L’OBJET’s tic-tac-toe and déco dice box, clock vintage playing cards.

The salon revealed a deep purple carpet with a flower pattern, various mismatched wallpapers by Philippe Morillon printed by atelier d’offard (see featured image), with no real connection to one another, and a variety of objects and art pieces like cloth or metal animals and atypical oil portraits from Blase. This was a feel-good room full of objects that serve no other purpose, besides the POLaRT chairs.

A few objects found in the salon were Frederique Morrel’s Bambi Recline, Maison de Jeu wallpaper by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild, Wolf watering can in gold by Pols Pattern, Michael Cailloux’s wallpaper and Medallion XXI Battle of Life by Carina Wagenaar.

Image via Business Marches
Image via Business Marches

Smoke + Mirrors by L’Objet

Maison de Jeu wallpaper by Christian Lacrois for Designers Guild (left), Medaillon XXI Battle of Life by Corina Wagenaar (top right) and Wolf watering can in gold by Pols Pattern.

Courtesy of Marion Delarue

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