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World’s 1st Handheld CNC Machine

Erin Tallman
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5+ years of development and thousands of hours of testing have led to the production of Origin–the world’s first handheld CNC machine.

The Shaper Origin breaks free from the usual physical restraints required of a dedicated CNC system using Wi-Fi connectivity between the tool and the computer to upload design files directly to the dual grip router.

The system includes a built-in camera and ShaperTape, a special domino-style graphic tape for guidance. A touchscreen displays an augmented reality view of the router as it cuts through material within 1/100th of an inch of an intended path. This generates precise hand-controlled cutting without the need of a gantry, transforming a giant machining center into a navigable tool about the size of a normal wood router. Watch the video to see how it works.

The Origin cuts wood, plastic, carbon fiber, vinyl and other soft materials, and “integrates seamlessly with the design software, workflows, and file formats you already use. You can also select from ShaperHub’s online library of downloadable designs and templates or simply design on the fly.”

In this video, Shaper’s Origin is being tested.

Courtesy of Shaper Origin
Courtesy of Shaper Origin

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