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Interiors: The Heart of the Shopping Mall

Vanessa Liwanag
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With a new mall popping up every month, the challenge is to keep up with the competition and the changing preferences of shoppers.

Architects and designers are constantly tasked by malls to think of new layouts and innovative designs for interiors to attract a public looking for a better shopping experience.

Unique Interiors Enhance Shopping Experience

The retail experience for each consumer is enhanced by interiors designed in a unique way, as seen in shopping venues like the Siam Discovery in Bangkok. Japanese design studio Nendo was tasked with reimagining the mall interior. It houses different curated retail points, differentiating it from other locales with standard concession areas assigned to different brands.

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Nendo, informs us that the new configuration of the Siam Discovery was done by their interior design team called Onndo and organized around the theme of Lifestyle Laboratory. Visitors are encouraged to experiment with a mixture of tastes and lifestyles through the 13 curated retail spaces that include laboratory materials such as beakers, flasks, test-tubes, diagrams of molecular structures and DNA sequences.

Siam Discovery. Courtesy of Nendo
Siam Discovery. Courtesy of Nendo

One of the thirteen curated retail spaces by Nendo in the Siam Discovery shopping center. Photo: Takumi Ota

Robinsons Mall. Courtesy of HMKM Architects

The Chadstone Mall in Melbourne. Courtesy of the architects.

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