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Green Relaxation: BIRKENSTOCK Expands Its Bedding Systems

Erin Tallman
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BIRKENSTOCK jumped into bedding back in 2017, and it couldn’t have come at a better time—we’re all craving more comfort and who knows better than the inventor of the footbed?

Now, the company once again presents its feel-good sleep systems during the IMM event, except they’ve expanded!

The company translates rest and restful sleep to nature and sets its latest collection in the forest, on the water, surrounded by greenery, to the delight of its fair visitors. Combined with the wide choice of slatted frames and mattresses for individual sleeping comfort, its beds offer optimal conditions for a restful sleep.

The new 2019 bed collection scores with new styles, elegant lightness, high-quality textiles and leathers as well as many sophisticated options. Guests can feel comfortable “right down to the toes,” as the company says, thanks to its special ad hoc elastic adaptation of the sleeping systems, which optimally relieves the various parts of the body. The upper layer of the BIRKENSTOCK mattress, in natural latex and cork granules, of special design, has excellent damping properties.

Featuring five new designs for its 2019 collection are Zurich baby bedside sleeper (featured), Basel, which has a soft, oversized upholstered headboard with side sections reminiscent of a wing chair, Linz, which combines the lying and sleeping comfort of a quality box spring bed with the sitting comfort of a cozy sofa, Arran, the seemingly floating box spring bed with a floor-standing headboard, Graz, a modular system with a variety of coordinated headboards and “feet”.

BIRKENSTOCK also released the Canberra Luxury, a high-end leather bed. Its cubic design is combined with extra fine, hand-stitched aniline thick leather. “It takes eight hours to meticulously hand-stitch the thick leather of the headboard alone,” the company states. “A floating look is achieved with a set-back trapezoid foot made from a choice of wood or metal.”

The company states: Advancements are scheduled to take place every two years, and an even more important presentation of innovations will follow in 2019.

Green Relaxation: BIRKENSTOCK Expands Its Bedding Systems











Canberra Luxury

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