Ave's touch system changes look with TEKLA 44

AVE S.p.A.

TEKLA 44 is the newest AVE wiring accessories series designed to reduce costs and offer maximum flexibility, design and technologies for every need.

Aligning with the contemporary trend that has made familiar the “touch” technology in everyday life, AVE was the first Italian company that apply it to the electricity sector bringing it into houses. The Ave Touch system has grown over the years, offering increasingly diverse design solutions.

Today AVE is again innovative offering the elements of the newest wiring accessories series TEKLA 44 for the completion of systems equipped with touch commands. All Ave Touch series are in fact also provided with traditional coordinated front plates. It’s therefore possible to create mixed systems, where Ave Touch commands are inserted in the most visible points, while emergency lights and other devices can be completed with traditional front plates, creating a full integrated electric system and helping the end user to save money.

Designed to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, TEKLA 44 offer a complete range, which makes it possible to satisfy all system requirements, a minimal design and innovative materials. Its matt black moulded elements fit with discretion in every interior. Installers and end users can save money matching TEKLA 44 to their Ave Touch systems.

You can choose Vera Touchwhere the precious exclusivity of glass is declined in five colour variants. Clear white, clear absolute black, clear gold, frosted silver grey and frosted water green; five colours for a prestigious interior architecture.

Dedicated to those who appreciate the material elegance, Allumia Touch improve the concept of interior design and combines touch technology with natural and anthracite brushed aluminium.

Addressed to a wider customer Young Touch is the innovative AVE’s proposal to build a smart home. The moulded line comes in three versions: 3D effect, texture, full colour. 15 colours to satisfy all tastes.

All AVE S44 front plates – from plastic version to top front plates in glass and wood – are compatible with TEKLA 44. It’s very easy to find the perfect combination to meet aesthetics and costs’ requirements of each customer.

Choose touch technology, match it with TEKLA 44. Light up your style with Ave.

Ave's touch system changes look with TEKLA 44

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