Simone Micheli chooses AVE automation for Hotel Regeneration

AVE S.p.A.

The renowned architect Simone Micheli has selected AVE hotel automation, designs and solutions for the biggest and involving exhibition dedicated to the contract, during Fuorisalone 2018.

At Fuorisalone 2018, Simone Micheli chooses AVE hotel automation to show his personal interpretation of hospitality. The hotel welcoming, expressed in its current and future dimension, involves the technology to show new possible and imaginable scenarios.

Inserted between the spaces of Hotel Regeneration, the largest and most interesting exhibition dedicated to the contract of Fuorisalone 2018, the AVE hotel automation becomes the protagonist of a research aimed at promoting technological progress. As the architect Simone Micheli explains: «The partnership with AVE for this expo is interesting for many reasons. I believe that technology, form and content are an extraordinary symbiosis to generate wonder. When place’s experience becomes memory, it means that a human lives an experience connected to the world of wonder. So, in this sense, technology plays a fundamental role, hotel automation plays a fundamental role».

Simone Micheli remarks his position on the theme of human-technological interaction: «The connection to this parameter, that marks a new dimension for our future, is important and extremely visible». Inside Hotel Regeneration come to life - as real works of art - different sections of environments dedicated to hospitality, where Simone Micheli has revealed the new trends in the international hospitality sector, including Vip System Touch access control card reader, that is developed by AVE to concretely optimize guests’ services, and the innovative Ave Touch front plates for the automations’ control.

«Hotel Regeneration, the exhibition I’ve created for this event, also speaks about comfort, safety and energy saving - the architect continues. It clearly speaks about these topics through AVE, that has created with us not only a simple set of expressive stories, but it has provided tools for understanding and for contents, that are important for those who manage hotels, for those who build hotels, for those who make hotels».

Born from the cooperation with several partner companies, which Ave is an important protagonist, Hotel Regeneration has foreshadowed itself as an extremely interesting and highly successful exhibition, where Simone Micheli has chosen AVE automation to project hospitality towards the future.

Simone Micheli chooses AVE automation for Hotel Regeneration

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