lberdrola Tower, Bilbao - Spain - LEED certification.

Bandalux industrial SA

Architect: César Pelli · Surface: 50.000 sqm · Height: 165m · Date: 2007-2011Bandalux motorised aluminium Venetian blinds with perforated slats and a 25 mm head. lnstalled between panes. Blinds integrated to a building automation system.

"Simple, elegant, ecological and sustainable". This is how César Pelli defined the lberdrola Tower project in Bilbao.

lt is a l65 m high tower which became the point of reference in the new urban regeneration area of Abandoibarra in the city of Bilbao.

lt is one of the few buildings in Europe that boasts the prestigio­us LEED cs2.0 certification. The double-glazed facade constitu­tes a sustainable solution, crea­ting a veritable bioclimatic wall.

lberdrola Tower, Bilbao - Spain - LEED certification.

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