The New "Wersailles"

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When technology serves tradition!

The Wersailles collection continues telling its story about French Chateaux with a new and revised 21st century vision.

Once again, the designer Sylvie Marechal uses the best new LED technology and brings to her collection, more light and higher comfort.

The result, the light is perfectly distributed into candleholders, with 40% more of luminous intensity and also a remote control to dim the light power!

The new Wersailles, the perfection of tradition and technology!

The Wersailles Collection is available in a Chandelier shape version with 21 candleholders or in a ceiling lamp composed by 1, 3 candlesticks or 4 candleholders.

It is also possible to create Custom-made pieces in terms of quantity of candleholders but also in terms of layout


Sylvie Maréchal

Mail :

Tél : +33 (0) 1 42 74 77 22

Web :

The New "Wersailles"

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