Fora - P by Alex Fernandez Camps and Gonzalo Milà

Bover BarcelonaLights

at Four Seasons Hotel Doha

Fora is a light that adapts well to all types of interior and exterior spaces.

EDG California, responsible for the interior design of the Shisha Terrace at Four Seasons Hotel at Doha, opted for the Bover Barcelona Fora to illuminate the nights in this luxurious space.

Its screen, made of synthetic wicker, is highly resistant to weather effects, while its design provides a pleasant atmosphere, with enveloping or diffuse light. Its light source is protected by an elliptical polyethylene balloon which ensures a highly watertight seal.

Fora is specially designed for outdoor spaces but also can be used indoor. Its versatility is remarkable and hard to find in products in this category. 

Fora - P by Alex Fernandez Camps and Gonzalo Milà

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