Outdoor News: VALO, design Carlo Colombo

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Valo is a standard lamp unique solution in each case where is not possible to recess the luminaire in the floor, with strong impact for its design is perfect to light colonnades and or enrich outdoor facades. The product is equipped with wiring and mount LED lamps.

Outdoor Line

The Outdoor Line is a collection suitable for outside, entirely realized with the new material Buzzi & Buzzi DurCoral®, that presents aesthetic and technological characteristics similar or superior to cement. Thanks to the elevate IP grade, the outdoor products have their natural application in outside wall: gardens, arcades and all the situations of high humidity like bathroom, SPA and swimming pool.

Material: DurCoral®

Coral® and cement merged in one new hi-tech material with very high performances: DurCoral®.

It''s an aggregate that grants high performances in terms of quality, resistance and finishing and also decorable with every kind of paints. Characterized by the high mechanical resistance and the capacity to resist to abrasions, to UV ray, to pollution and to atmospheric agents is ideal for installation in outside spaces.

Designer: Carlo Colombo

“The material is a very important element in every project. Buzzi &Buzzi gives me the opportunity to give a shape to light using a new material for Outdoor, DurCoral, that has been for me a challenge and a source of inspiration at the same time, according to the fact that it allows to create shapes not possible with other materials. The result are two sculptural volumes characterized by a dynamic dialogue between straight and curve lines that exalt the aesthetic of the material, where semantic overlap of shape and substance create an object-symbol beautiful also when switched off. As usual my design philosophy marries the idea of Mies Van der Rohe ‘Less is more'', the products have to be essential, but with a particular attention to the details that grant defined identity and make the objects unique.”

Outdoor News: VALO, design Carlo Colombo

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