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Workspace Expo Paris: More health, motivation, and performance through biophilic design

C+P Möbelsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

C+P Furniture creates integrated work environments with intelligent furniture and brings nature to the office

Only employees who feel at ease in the office can perform well. To ensure this, everything has to be optimally coordinated: Ergonomic furniture, good acoustics, pleasant climate, and last but not least newest technology are crucial. C+P Furniture is the first manufacturer to offer integrated work environments in biophilic design from a single source.

The basic principle of biophilic design: Because people feel most comfortable in natural settings, natural analogies and natural principles are integrated in buildings and interiors where we spend most of our time. Green and water elements, which ensure a pleasant indoor climate and wellbeing, play a vital role in the process. For studies prove that a direct experience of nature in rooms has a health-promoting and stress-reducing impact on people; it increases thinking skills and creativity. So it is only logical that sick leave and downtimes are reduced, too.

Positive effects through green and water walls in the office

Mobile hedge elements are used as natural and flexible partitioning in interiors and provide for optimal indoor air quality. As a highly efficient air filter, the green hedge can remove harmful substances from the air. Indoor acoustics are improved by acoustically effective filling. Mobile green hedges replace three separating elements (stand-up wall, plant or furniture which is only used for zoning) at the same time and are therefore a very resource-saving and economical investment. Research results from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP confirm the positive impact of green elements in the work environment.

Similarly, mobile water walls contribute to a healthy indoor climate. They also produce pleasant humidity and add another bit of nature to the room. A thin water film flows over a vertical glass wall, while suspended particles such as dust or pollen are filtered out of the air – a relief for allergy-sufferers!

"Climate Office” is the name of the versatile green and water walls which are on display at the C+P booth.

Smart technology in ergonomic furniture

"Meetings have to be smart and fun!", is how another C+P motto goes. The company was the first European manufacturer to take the topic of integrated media technology seriously, and installed the first wireless charging modules with Qi standard in its products seven years ago. At the trade show, the company will display furniture that meets various requirements for smart and efficient meetings and supports interactive workflows. While the coming challenges of digitalization give concern to other suppliers, C+P considers itself to be optimally prepared, since the company has been a pioneer in technology integration for a long time. This applies not only to office furniture, but also to security compartments, changing rooms, and wardrobes. For example, integration of electronic online locking systems with complete networking and additional functions such as access control, payment, or remote maintenance has been common practice at C+P for years. Intelligent and attractive office assembled box lockers will also be on display at the booth.

Many more furniture solutions can be experienced at C+P. One good example is the fridge caddy, which is used for offering catering for guests in many offices already. Filled regularly, the caddy keeps fresh coffee as well as cold drinks always on hand, demonstrates hospitality, and saves service costs, too. All in all, it seems that the German manufacturer, which has been operating in France for many years, will be one of the most memorable trade show exhibitors again.

Office 4.0 – Transform the office of the future with water and green walls!
Office 4.0 – Transform the office of the future with water and green walls!

A healthy work environment for more content employees – C+P Furniture Systems developed these solutions in corporation with the Fraunhofer Institute. The well-being of workers in the office is increased with the use of water and green walls as well as acoustic elements to achieve optimal air quality, room temperature and noise level.

Climate Office – Rooms with water and green walls lead to healthier workers

Water and green walls not only improve air quality and noise levels, it also increases the well-being of workers. This has been scientifically proven. Additionally, green walls can be converted to have a tack or magnetic side and be used at meetings. Integrated casters make the walls flexible and mobile.

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