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Greentech spirit Natural inspiration, technological excellence

Casalgrande Padana
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A solution that can improve the quality of life by improving the quality of air. A cladding material that hints at nature and the “green walls” that cover building envelopes. A ceramic collection whose DNA and formal expression reflect its focus on t

The first image that comes to mind is the beautiful green walls that cover the envelope of several buildings. Those unique textures – iridescent and uneven – that overlap with human creation, almost as to regain their stolen space.

An eco-friendly approach that goes beyond formal expression and translates into better air quality.

In the presence of sunlight, the Bios Self-Cleaning® technology – resulting from the partnership between the Casalgrande Padana Research Centre and Toto, the world-leading sanitary ware manufacturer and pioneer in photocatalysis technology with its Hydrotec brand – allows these large slabs to reduce air pollutants and decompose dirt deposits, which are washed away from the tiles’ surface by rainwater, thanks to the superhydrophilicity of the ceramic surface.

This technology draws inspiration from nature and ensures cleaner air as well as green walls without any maintenance problems.

Casalgrande Padana’s Greentech collection hints at the aesthetics of leaves and climbing plants that embellish walls giving them a distinctive identity. The idea is to look at nature to recreate a feeling of comfort that engages all five senses through a sustainable technological material.

This concept stems from the desire to show Casalgrande Padana’s eco-friendly spirit, which finds its full expression in the Greentech porcelain stoneware slabs (dimensions: 120x240; thickness: 6.5mm).

Greentech is suitable for both new buildings and restorations because it ensures maximum flexibility and fits perfectly into any setting. Greentech is perfect for private residences, public buildings, redeveloping offices, schools, and gyms, and improving anonymous or obsolete spaces, which can acquire new life and personality while improving their performance.

Once again, with this collection, Casalgrande Padana is putting its design and planning expertise as well as its continuous investments in research and innovation into improving living conditions for everyone.

Greentech spirit Natural inspiration, technological excellence

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