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Design and comfortable chairs by Castellani

Comfort and design go hand in hand? Castellani Top Design seeks to convey through its collections.

Here are some practical tips to choose the right seat among a sea of ​​typologies:

First, think of the place where they will be placed:

1- For example, we suggest using lightweight, easy-to-clean materials but with attractive design. Everything is surrounded by comfort and functionality and in cases where the home is not very large there is also the possibility of buying stackable seats.


2 - For the living room we recommend important seats, with commode padding, both on the back and armrests. Materials such as leather, leather and soft fabrics are preferred such as the Aria armchair and the flight sofa.

The Aria armchair has a modern style but with a classic touch dictated by the painted beech structure. Its high quality fabric liner available in various colors allows it to be adapted to all living rooms.

The Volo sofa, on the other hand, has a metal structure and a fabric lining customizable in various shades. Its design is undoubtedly modern and perfectly integrates with the environment, giving it elegance, with a comfortable one or two seats.

3- Perfect for tables or benches in the living room we propose the stool Guam and the chair SY.

The first is made in hirek, a compound born from the recycling of plastic materials, and has a simple and elegant line. It is perfectly washable and therefore suitable for the kitchen as well as adjustable in height. Here, once again, we notice the ecological spirit of the company, very attentive to the production cycle and the preservation of the environment.

The SY chair, made of propylene and chromed metal, is modern and practical; Suitable for many types of tables in the Castellani collections, is available in various shades. Its feature, indispensable for those with limited spaces, is the ability to stack it, making it very functional.

4- If the context is the study or the office it is advisable to use upholstered back seats that support our posture so that we do not tire our backs and neck during work or study hours.

Bright colors provide a touch of cheerfulness to the room as well as being original. The right item for your office is in the Castellani collection and is represented by the Egg seat: covered with fabric, steel frame and adjustable legs; Fit to your comfort and functional to your work.

The sessions were able to win a place of honor even in areas where the need was not felt before, like the night zone. Nowadays used as decorative furnishings or as floor coverings for dresses, they often have light colors and comfortable padding.

The perfect chair for the sleeping area is the rocking chair: vintage but always very romantic.

In the Castellani Top Design collection there is Guapa, a modern rocking chair with natural leather seat, chromed steel frame and ash sleds.

This chair will allow you to insert a touch of romance in your sleeping area while maintaining contemporary design lines.

We did a great trip to the wide range of seats in the Castellani line, now it's up to you to choose the perfect one for your home!


Guapa, a contemporary rocking chair with natural leather seat, chromed steel frame and ash sleds.


The Volo sofa has a metallic structure and a fabric lining characterized by various shades. It has a modern design and a comfortable line and is available from one or two seats.


The Egg chair is a fabric-covered seat with steel frame and adjustable legs


The Aria armchair is perfect for furnishing the lounge in a modern way, but with appeal to more classical furnishings, given by its painted beech structure.

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