Caterina Cucina&Farina, Milano


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A few steps from Iulm, International School of Communication and Languages, this modern restaurant revives 'via La Spezia' with its large windows.

Designed as a modern loft, from the straightforward and natural design with concrete resin floors and dove grey walls, it is enhanced by shades of blue. The naturalness of the wood wool boards covering is perfectly integrated with the design of the environment, ensuring the optimal acoustic comfort to customers and staff.

In this neutral space stand out broad white lampshades, white frames on the walls and white quotes about food.

At the entrance stands the bar counter in natural wooden planks, but protagonist is the kitchen, visible through the two large windows from the street, where the chef works in the creation of delicious and tasty courses together with his staff.

© ph. Ilaria Caprifoglio - Concept, Creative Direction and Interior Design: Maja Group

Caterina Cucina&Farina, Milano

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