Spacious and elegant cabin lift by Cibes

Cibes Lift AB
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accessibility solution for public, commercial and private buildings.

Cibes A6000S

• Lift with shaft in painted white steel

• White swing door in steel on the landing,

white folding doors in the lift car

• Soft start and stop and electrical

emergency lowering as standard

• Integrated machine room

• Auto-run operation

• Integrated automatic door opener

• Engine noise is insulated for a quiet ride

• Quick installation time within 3-4 days

• Reliable screwdriven operation

• Energy efficient and low maintenance

operation system

• Tactile push buttons with braille

• Automatic LED lighting with reduced

power consumption

• Rated load 400 kg, 5 people

• Travel height 13 metres, 6 landings

• 70 mm pit or ramp

• Swedish design and quality

Spacious and elegant cabin lift by Cibes

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