Bubble Table – an exclusive dining table from CO33


Newest Design from CO33 - Bubble Table

As with all creations from CO33, with this design Gregor Uhlmann has created a table that is light and filigree and does not disrupt the view of the rest of the room.

This resulted in a slender base made of pure concrete consisting of 2 elements. And with the soft curves and many circles of different sizes, it reminds you a little of soap bubbles. The interlocking concrete elements act as a base and have a familiar high-quality smooth and pore-free look. They are cast in a mold without reinforcement or fibers and form the solid foundation for a table top made of exquisite safety glass.

You have the choice of a model with a round base and round table top as well as a model with one or two square feet and an angular table top. Stylish and discreet, both design variants fit into your living area. The crystal-like clarity of the glass allows a transparent view into the interior of the room and makes it look spacious.

Bubble rectangular concrete table with glass top for dining room
Bubble round concrete table with glass top for dining room

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