Cheshire Private Residence

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Cheshire Private Residence

For centuries, decorative water features have been a staple in human society, valued as a means of relaxation and entertainment, and as symbols of power and prestige. Flowing water instills in us a reassuring mixture of both calm and excitement while never failing to impress, regardless of the form it takes. From extravagant programmed shows to a simple series of jets arching into a pool, water features add a sumptuous comfort to any space, especially when coupled with the appropriate lighting. Crystal’s ability to adapt its commercial grade products, design support, and phenomenal customer service to the residential sphere allows clients to enjoy the many benefits that water features offer right from the comfort of their homes.

The possibilities of how to add that wow-factor to a residence when it comes to including a water feature are endless. Arching jets can soar into a pool, leapers can add exciting effects, or waterfalls can create that coveted oasis ambiance. Outdoor or indoor, these features not only provide an incredible customer experience, but increase the property value of a home, and provide the perfect solution to eliminating noise pollution.

These features can add a creative touch to a pool or play area, but this certainly does not represent the limit of their potential. Decorative fountains also provide the ideal solution to livening up a walkway or garden. Cheshire Private Residence is the perfect example of how a simple animated body of water can add a significant level of cachet to an outdoor space. The rectangular basin is staged with a series of plume and cascade jets laid out in an elegant symmetrical design, with enticing color changing LED up-lighting to accommodate around the clock use. On top of the value added to the property, the design and feature has taken home both a SPATA and UK Pool and Spa Award. Competing with entries from around the globe, the project was recognized as a leading example of construction, quality, design, and innovation in the residential domain. Crystal was honoured to support Portrait Pools in the implementation of this venture, as it stands as a testament that stunning water features need not be reserved solely for enjoyment in the commercial sphere.

With long-lasting quality products, visual, design and technical support, and even budgeting assistance, Crystal is dedicated to bringing the endless benefits of water features into the homes of our customers. Whether it’s adding a few jets to the edge of a pool, or crafting a free-standing decorative structure, the opportunities for creating value to any space with water and lighting are infinite.


Gold Award - UK Pool and Spa 2015

Bronze Award - Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Associations (SPATA) 2015

Cheshire Private Residence

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