The allure of 3D: Decobel at Architect@Work Milan 2016

Terzomillennium press office per Decobel
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Architect@Work Milan 2016

Milan, November 2016 – On 23 and 24 November, MiCo-Milano Congressi will be hosting the third edition in the city of Architect@Work, Europe’s most exclusive event aimed at architects and interior designers. Once again this year, this prestigious exhibition, organised with the support of the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan, will see the participation of Decobel (STAND 94), with its latest collection focusing on the allure of 3D.

Only innovative products that have obtained the approval of a technical commission can be presented during Architect@Work, and this year Decobel has been selected for the 3D fabrics in the new collection, as a result of their sophisticated material qualities and the undisputed excellence of their Italian workmanship.

“The 3D Collection by Decobel is composed of fabrics and velvets – the company’s core business – that are given a three-dimensional effect thanks to an innovative process studied and implemented in the company and patented this year. Decobel collections successfully began introducing the 3D concept some years ago now. In some collections it is present in the structure and is obtained through a number of processes and finishes, while in others it is simply an aesthetic effect obtained thanks to the nature of the yarns or how the colours interact with one another; it was not until 2015, however, that the 3D concept became the key feature of the collections”, explained Gabriele Guidoni, Art Director of Decobel.

These trend-inspired products are derived from a skilful blend of tradition and innovation, and have been studied and created thanks to a patented technique that allows the three-dimensional effect to stand up to time and to wear and tear. The first two 3D products presented in the 2014 collection were the velvets CASTORE and ACROPOLI, while the velvets GEMMA and OLD TYPE and the wool felt GEODESIA appeared in the 2015 Collection; the following year, the 2016 Collection saw the addition of the velvet CUBE.

A major company strength is undoubtedly its production capacity, which elevates Decobel above the classic figure of the textile designer: most of the products are made using its own weaving machinery, which allows it to control and guarantee each stage of the production and design process, from the purchase of the yarns through to the sophisticated finishing techniques. Another advantage to producing the fabrics in-house is the possibility to offer customers a virtually endless range of colours.

The allure of 3D: Decobel at Architect@Work Milan 2016

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