Ottoman bed - Pouff bed

Santambrogio Salotti

Ottoman bed: from ottoman to bed in less than 10 seconds

Prontoletto it’s a ready-to-use pouf bed designed by Santambrogio Salotti. You will be very impressed about how practical this product is: it can be turned easily into a single bed where you and your guests can sleep comfortably.

Our aim was to create a solution that could be perfect to use occasionally or even very often.

We designed a fast-open system by which you can open the bed in few easy steps: you just have to take the cover off, lift the first cushion and then open the mattress just raising the two levers that will turn into the bed legs. By this, you get a perfect solution for the night steady and very comfortable.

The structure is very sturdy but weighs just 19kg and is suitable for heavier people as well. The restricted weight allows you to move the pouf from a room to another.

This pouf bed is perfect to sleep in even every night because the mattress has a padding made of hypoallergenic Waterfoam covered by a cotton layer that gives resistance and firmness. Its dimensions are L 195 x W 75 x H 47cm, while the mattress has a thickness of 12cm.

Prontoletto is an adaptable product: this pouf turns easily into a single bed but can also be used as seat or coffee table for your living room.

As we said, the cover is very easy to take off and is available in more than 3000 colors. You can also choose between the following finish options: fabric, microsuede, leather, faux leather and velvet (textile options are machine-whashable).

Prontoletto is our brand new pouf bed that will match perfectly in your living room, even if it’s not that big.

Ottoman bed
Ottoman bed

An ottoman bed which you can easily transform to single bed in less than 10 seconds

Ottoman bed - pouff bed

You can see how easy to open it is! Enjoy ottoman bed!

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