Mecenart Expo: Santambrogio Salotti at the Milan Design Week 2018

Santambrogio Salotti
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Furniture fair 2018

The Design Week is over and the first edition of Mecenart Expo has been a great success: this was a special project planned by Claudio Santambrogio and Tiziano Cavaliere.

This event took place on 20th, 21st and 22nd of April at Officine del Volo, via Mecenate 76, Milan.

The aim was to bring craftsmanship at Fuorisalone showing everyone the backstage of the handmade production.

We decided to present a special live show in which our craftsman Renato made a leather armchair revealing the secrets of the art of upholstery. People seemed to be very interested in this show: most of all, they appreciated to see how armchairs are made, looking beyond its lining.

All the brands that took part in Mecenart Expo performed live in front of the public showing how their craftsmen work in the lab.

Among the other participating companies we can mention Benheart that produces leather apparel, Alserio Marmi from Como that processes marble, Keep Me Design with its handcrafted jewelry, Otto & Mezzo with its high quality cachemire, the fashion atelier Belli&Co and Colombo Legno that works in the carpentry field. Even if these companies are very different from each other, they all share the same philosophy: to keep up the Italian handmade tradition.

During the event, people had the opportunity to watch fashion shows, companies demonstration, live painting sessions and to have a great time among cocktail party, live music and deejay sets.

We are glad to express our desire to make Mecenart Expo grow through the years and to keep doing what we love most.

Mecenart: 1st edition
Mecenart: 1st edition

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