Philip: our new modern sofà bed

Santambrogio Salotti
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New bed base composed of "bilancelle" for a deeper comfort

We want to introduce the last bed sofa we designed: this is Philip.

As you can see from the photos, it is a modern sofa characterized by a high seat and rounded armrests.

It has a bold and strong wooden structure and soft cushions in hypoallergenic Waterfoam with anti-mite treatment. The backrest has a slight inclination in order to be more comfortable.

We provided Philip with a brand-new bed base made of “bilancelle” (suspended elements that work like springs) and elastic straps: this solution distribute the weight of the body evenly and allow anybody to relax deeply and to keep the back in the right position all night long.

Philip is very easy to open: you just need to pull the backrest and extend completely the mattress. When the guests leave you can easily close it by pushing it back: in few seconds you can pass from confortable bed to elegant sofa to use daily.

The mattress in waterlily is 15 cm high, so it's perfect to sleep in even every night. The backrest has a specific compartment where it's possible to hide pillows untill you need to open the bed.

The sofa we show you in photo has a grey microsuede covering but you can also choose fabric, leather, faux leather and velvet (available in more than 2000 colors).

Philip sofa bed characterized by high seats and rounded armrests
Philip sofa bed characterized by high seats and rounded armrests

The covering is made of grey microsuede

Philip sofa bed with microsuede covering

Compartment to hide pillows

Double bed mattress made of Waterlily

Double sofa bed

Suspended elements of the bed base

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