The newest top material of the Elleci

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The composite sink has never been seen

The constant investments in new technologies research and new materials, brought Elleci to introduce an innovative and exclusive material featured by never reached potential

KERATEK: the new Elleci patented material.

Ceramic Nanoparticles + Mix of 6 Innovative Acrylic Resins

100% Hydro-repellent: due to the used resin. Molecular bonds make it 100% water repellent. New hexavalent acrylic resin able to create a water-resistant barrier.

Clean ability: resistant to stain of coffee, wine, grease, juice, lemon, bleach.

Flowability: faster water-flow thanks to a wider contact angle.

Impacts resistant: Elleci Patented GPS allows to obtain a homogeneous compound combining it with the new resin and ceramics nanoparticles. A more even and more resistant compound. 30% more than that of our best competitor.

Smoother and harder: ceramic nanoparticles and high density allow to remove all the existing porosities increasing the scratche resistance. The ceramic nanoparticles fill the gaps in the Nano metrical compound.

Scrape Resistant: thanks to the new compound a much higher scrape resistance is obtained.

Scrapes and thermic shocks resistance: thanks to compound made up of new hexavalent resin and ceramics nanoparticles, the final result is a more even and resistant product with an increased scrapes and thermic shocks resistance, 50% more than that of our best competitor.

Thermic shock: overcame the standard.

- UNI13310

- IAPMO ANSI Z 124.6

Resistance to dry heat (Hot Pot 280°)

They do not fade over time thanks to UV protection in the compound.

Hygienic: the compound inhibits the microorganisms rising and it eases the bacteria removal, bringing, in this way, hygiene and cleanliness. 100% Antibacterial Protection, thanks to silver ions which produce an antibacterial system.

The newest top material of the Elleci