Novorodapie Eclipse®


Skirting made of aluminum for plasterboard or tiled walls.

The beauty is one of the few things doesn’t let you any doubt, no explanation is needed. Novorodapie Eclipse® brings to the spaces warmness and comfort. Make the difference in your projects and thrill with your buildings.

This skirting protects the bottom edge of the wall, generating an innovative hollow effect like if the wall was suspended in the air. In addition to be a skirting, this profile can also be a finish the top of the wall.

Optionally a LED strip can be installed in the interior hollow, providing the profile with a double functionality and a high decorative value.

A new finish is available, Novorodapie Eclipse® turns off-white due to keep on line to the most current trend. Elegant, minimalist and atemporal, off-white is the best choice.

Novorodapie Eclipse®

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