THE SIGN PROJECT: giving a contemporary look to traditional contours

Enrico Cassina
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Three line of brass handles for door and window. The design draws the pure contours of Italian Baroque, First Empire and Louis XVI in a contemporary view.

The Master of Styles Enrico Cassina, in collaboration with the architects MAADE, develops the decorative elements and, from an entirely contemporary perspective, drew out the pure signs, the essence of a style in a new collections of handles.

From the Baroque period comes Baricò, which embodies the sinuous essence, the wide movement, an emptiness that opens up, that expands in the act of grasping the handle.

Louis XVI becomes Soberal, which inherits the symmetry and rigour, a simplicity that also lies in the fullness of the plate, while the handle remains circular, symmetrically round, pendular.

The First Empire permeates through Filobi with decisiveness and allusion, a form whose plate conveys a sense of royalty, of a crown, but also in the handle that resembles a sceptre, a commanding object.


- BALL BEARING IN STAINLESS STEEL with rotation without damping that does not need lubrication

- The ball bearing makes the plate and rose's thickness to reach 5 mm

- Fixing on doors with standard hole (ø22) without additional operations or housing on the door;

- SPECIAL POLISHING PROCESS on the internal ban of the hand-grip;

- Polishing of the plate surface with DIAMOND PROCESS (special mechanics processing);

- PVD FINISH guarantes high resistence and duration over time.;

THE SIGN PROJECT: giving a contemporary  look to traditional contours

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