Values of a Craftsman

Eric Jacoby
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Quality, Integrity and Innovation

I think the statement I say the most about any process we do at Eric Jacoby Design is “Slow Down.” Although it can be tempting to get in a hurry, the best way to get a quality product is to work deliberately and patiently. Quality is a primary value for our company. So is integrity, honesty, and innovation. In many ways, our values draw on the standard definition of these words, but this blogpost outlines our full set of internal company values:

Quality – Take your time. Craft each product like it is the only one that will ever be made. Make it the best it can be. Even if it has to be re-done twice.

Integrity – Do what you say you are going to do - do it well - and do it on time. Be accountable for your actions. Work carefully to earn people's trust and work harder to maintain it. Be responsive and available. Finish what you start. Follow up with people, even if you feel your work has already been completed.

Honesty – Just as we strive to create transparency in our products; strive to be transparent in your communications. Keep relationships equitable. Communicate with the intent to give a clear message. Admit to mistakes and sincerely apologize – address the solution right away.

Innovation – Think of a new way to build something better. Think of a way to build something that you didn’t think was possible. Consider options even if you think they are weird. Make an ugly sketch. Make a beautiful drawing. Make a rough model. Break a prototype. Do some research. Make a nice mock-up. Carefully consider how to refine a product’s functionality. Make it interesting. Make it beautiful. Yes, there are still ways to re-design a chair.

Values of a Craftsman

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