The ErgoSystem® A100 from FSB: Freedom from barriers simple and attractive to modest budgets

Franz Schneider Brakel FSB
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FSB expands the ErgoSystem® to a system family: with the new ErgoSystem® A100, FSB presents the budget-attractive alternative to the ErgoSystem® E300.

Diagonal + oval + extended gripping area

Common to both system versions is the basic idea of the diagonal alignment of an oval gripping cross-section, which is unique on the market. It consistently follows the laws of gripping ergonomics and stands for unparalleled comfort and a secure hold.

Well equipped

The ErgoSystem® A100 covers a range that is perfectly equipped for almost every place of application and purpose: Handrail combinations that can be arranged in any way and feature individual profiles, which can be shortened on site, make planning and assembly easier. The angled supports make it possible to attach a removable corner shelf made of plastic, which can be fitted later at any time.

Combined with the multi-award-winning shower head holder, this creates the ideal equipment for shower areas. Shelving areas with and without integrated handrail are available in standard dimensions and in customised lengths of up to 1050 or 1900 mm. The left-hand/righthand usability of the drop-down support makes it particularly flexible. Wall handles in variable lengths, a fixed support handle, single or twin hand towel holder, wall hooks and toilet roll holder round off the ErgoSystem® A100.

Optimal visibility in the room

Thanks to its variable colour constellations, the ErgoSystem® A100 can be individually matched to the interior and ambience. Supports/ structural components and handrails/handles can be combined in terms of their colour. Adequate contrasts can be achieved in this way for optimal visibility and readability in the room, which provides added convenience and safety especially for older people with impaired vision. Differently coloured handles and supports ensure that they are taken hold of safely.

Assembly? It's easy!

The ErgoSystem® A100 is also impressive when looked at under assembly aspects: a design simplification leads to fewer individual parts, which in turn are very easy to assemble thanks to the mounting shoe concept. Visible and assembly-related parts are kept separate, which makes them much easier to attach and prevents assembly errors and damage.

The ErgoSystem® A100 from FSB:  Freedom from barriers simple and attractive to modest budgets

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