Classics for modernity from FSB: door and window hardware in bronze for inside and out

Franz Schneider Brakel FSB
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FSB door pulls and security furniture in bronze add real class to main entrance doors in particular. This classically noble material testifies to exquisite taste and raises entrance areas into the same category as the portals on outstanding examples of architecture ancient and modern. And, beautiful as it may be, its inner values are spot on too: bronze is every bit as durable and rugged as stainless steel, of which use is typically made for outdoor hardware.

The FSB-range of door handles, window handles, door pulls and security hardware – e. g. the excellently designed flush armoured rose – caters to all interior and exterior applications. A fine example of the continuity that epitomises FSB is the bronze edition of the classic FSB 1076 and its EN 179-compliant equivalent FSB 1016. All segments are covered - from standard fittings, heavy-duty furniture and emergency-exit devices to lift-and-slide handles for large-format sliding doors.

Just how all-embracing the product line is is evidenced by its wealth of accessories: everything from bellplates through door stops to house door numbers is available, allowing architects and clients to render their buildings as stylish as they are coherent.

FSB is reinstating the former glory of this unjustly neglected material by means of three different finishes: Bronze polished waxed (FSB 7305), Bronze bright patinated waxed (FSB 7615) and Bronze dark patinated waxed (FSB 7625). An alloy of 92% copper and 8% tin is adopted when making the FSB Bronze Collection that guarantees high resistance to corrosion, high tensile strength and great hardness. FSB creates artificial ageing “ex works” as it were by subjecting the relevant variants to a special chemical process. FSB''s bronze programme has striking haptic and visual qualities as well as stringently conforming to heavy-duty construction requirements: heavyduty AGL® bearings, FS standard and certification to DIN EN 179 are par for the course.

With bronze as a material for door and window fittings, FSB has again underlined its project and architecture expertise by lending design and a concept-driven approach joint expression by means of the material.

Classics for modernity from FSB: door and window hardware in bronze for inside and out

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