FSB’s ErgoSystem® garners the German Design Award 2018

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Winning solutions for greater convenience in bathrooms

The adjudicators of major design and architecture competitions hail the excellence of systems and solutions by FSB with delightful regularity. In the latest instance, the international jury for the German Design Award 2018 has actually honoured the ErgoSystem® twice: a special mention has gone to its versatile handrails in the “Building and Elements” category; meanwhile, the ErgoSystem® A100 as a whole has won the German Design Award in the “Bath and Wellness” category.

FSB views its ErgoSystem® as a “design-for-all” concept that focuses on the concerns of people of all ages. The system is tangible proof of the fact that barrier freedom can be as good-looking as it is functional.

The ErgoSystem® handrails given a special mention are manufactured by FSB to on-site measurements. The individual handrail segments can be custom-produced in lengths of up to 1,250 mm (just over 49 inches), allowing consideration to be given to existing fixing points or other specific structural features. With their diagonally oval styling, all ErgoSystem® handhold components observe the laws of ergonomic gripping to optimum effect.

The German Design Award Winner ErgoSystem® A100 (A = Aluminium) sees diagonally aligned oval rails given extra gripping space: brackets set at an angle of 45° to the wall offer the hand more to grip hold of whilst also being particularly conducive to side-on gripping. A wealth of colour permutations mean the system can be made to match any interior and setting. ErgoSystem® A100 comprises a comprehensive range of handhold components and accessories that will be up to almost any conceivable application.

FSB’s ErgoSystem® garners the German Design Award 2018

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