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Smart Corporate Design Using Smart Glass

Gauzy Ltd

Smart glass partitions for dynamic modular spaces

LCG® (Liquid Crystal Glass) is an ideal solution to upgrade interior spaces in corporate settings. Smart glass windows, doors, and partitions, offer sleek glass style paired with the flexibility an office space demands.

Corporate environments are dynamic, with meetings and developments that require collaboration, but also quiet time and space for independent work. Switchable glass supports dynamic privacy while encouraging productivity and comfort for employees.

Sectioning your space with installed or mobile glass partitions offers privacy when opaque, while also maintaining the ability to turn transparent for a spacious look and feel in defining the parameters of an area.

When opaque, surfaces act as HD projection screens or easy to clean whiteboards for presentations and sharing ideas.

Gauzy's product portfolio offers Pixels Patterns for dynamic signage, Smart Blinds as a replacement to expensive and impractical shading, and Spectrum films for a splash of color.

With its flexibility, ability to increase productivity, contribute to your office design, reinforce your brand and provide a comfortable setting for visitors and in-house staff, LCG® is now adopted by many corporate offices and inspiring co-working spaces such as WeWork.

Smart Corporate Design Using Smart Glass

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