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GRAFF to Unveil New Finish

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Luxurious Brushed Gold will now be available with 8 Collections

GRAFF ®, manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered kitchen and bath products, has expanded the brand's range of finish offerings with the addition of an 18K Brushed Gold. The luxurious finish joins a roster of 11 other signature finishes, all developed to enhance both the traditional and contemporary silhouettes of GRAFF's fixture collections.

President and CEO of GRAFF, Ziggy Kulig, comments, "Currently, styles that evoke warmth and opulence are making a significant comeback, with gold-hued details at the forefront of the trend. The addition to 18k Brushed Gold is not only indicative of shifts in design preferences, but of GRAFF's pulse on marketplace trends."

Taking note of growing trends, the finish, a twist on standard gold offerings, provides a brushed texture with a subdued, yet sophisticated luster that plays to both minimalist and maximalist tastes. 18K Brushed Gold acts as a complement to eight of GRAFF's star collections, including the modern M.E. 25 collection for the bathroom. Additional collections available with the stunning finish include: Finezza Uno and Due, M.E., Sade, Sento, Targa and Topaz.

The Brushed Gold finish accentuates the gracious, curvilinear lines and ornate details that come together with GRAFF's extensive range of refined fixtures; a fusion of traditional and modern style, the finish helps to illustrate the larger design motifs at work.

Providing more than sophisticated style, 18K Brushed Gold grants bath fixtures heightened levels of durability made available through GRAFF's technological expertise.

GRAFF M.E. in Brushed Gold
GRAFF M.E. in Brushed Gold

Kensal Rise project, Newman Zieglmeier studio

GRAFF M.E. in Brushed Gold

Kensal Rise project, London

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