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Granules Zandobbio s.p., a Bergamasca leader in the production and marketing of natural landscape design products, is pleased to announce the conclusion of the international design contest for the construction of the new headquarters site called Stone City in the municipality of Bolgare in the province of Bergamo.

La Granulati Zandobbio s.p.a. wanted to take the road of the design contest to identify the best design proposal by targeting the achievement of a high quality level. That is why he decided to use the Concorrimi platform created by the Milan Architects' Order. An open, highly authoritative tool to promote the use of the competition in the Italian architectural landscape.

The competition attracted a great deal of interest with 154 design teams from all over Italy and abroad who were confronted with high value propositions. The international jury coordinated by Remo Capitanio and chaired by Andrea D'antrassi of MAD architects, Alberto Mottola of the Demogo studio, Novella Cappelletti, director of Paysage magazine, Guglielmo Pelliccioli of the Quotidiano Immobiliare and Gianni Sottocornola, holder of Granulati Zandobbio s.p.a. he carefully examined the projects he received. Four days of work led to the definition of the shortlist of finalists and the identification of the awarded projects as follows:

FIRST PRIZE parent company Nicola Di Pietro (Padua)

SECOND PRIZE parent company Giovanni Furlan (Padua)

THIRD PREMIUM leader Marcello Galliotto (Venice)

HONOR MENTIONS: parent company Federico Bargone (Perugia)

HONOR MENZIONI: leader Andrea Benelli (Prato)

HONOR MENZIONI: parent company Eugenio Salvetti (Florence)

HONOR MENZIONI: parent company Valerio Alberto Morabito (Reggio Calabria)

HONOR MENZIONI: parent company Jacopo Testa (Turin)

"We have been involved in the realization of a project of high quality and exclusivity," explained Gianni Sottocornola, General Manager of Granulati Zandobbio S.p.A. - which well represents our company brand today in strong development in local markets and above all in foreign markets. We are delighted that the design contest has attracted great interest from designers with a number of high-level design proposals received. The choice to publish an international banner is grounded in the awareness of the strategic importance this action represents for the company. "

The competition numbers

· 334 design groups enrolled in the portal

· 154 participating design groups

· 13 countries of origin

· 3 months, time to process the project

· 6 months, duration of exposure

· 4 working days of the Jury Commission

· 3 award winning projects

· 5 projects reported with mention

· 23,500 € prize money value

· 3,500,000 € total works amount

· 1,100 sqm of gross floor area

· 6,000mc maximum volume

The company

The history of Granulati Zandobbio began in 1929 with quarry operations in the municipality of Zandobbio, in the province of Bergamo. Over time, production and storage are developed in 5 distinct sites over a total area of ​​over 200,000 square meters thanks to the work and vision of four generations of entrepreneurs.

In 2008, the company acquired the 120,000 square meters of the common square of Bolgare, the company Marmi Mecca, the most important company in the world of marble and granite production in the 1960s.

In the year 2012, STONE CITY was born at the industrial area of ​​Bolgare along the A4 motorway, a permanent exhibition park of 5,000 square meters, which collects the best settings made with the natural stone products of Granulati Zandobbio. It is a unique area of ​​its kind in the world. Today Zandobbio Granules is in fact a landmark in the production and sale of a wide range of pebbles and natural stones, to creatively design any interior and exterior environment. Today, Granulati Zandobbio's business is targeting 65% of the largely Community-based foreign market with exports to 80 different countries from Japan to Hong Kong, the US to the Caribbean.


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