Granulati Zandobbio, Bergamo company leader in the production and commercialization of natural products for landscape design, launches an international design competition for the construction of the new headquarters to be implemented in STONE CITY site in the municipality of Bolgare, in the province of Bergamo.

Granulates Zandobbio wanted to embark on the road of the design competition for the identification of the best project proposal setting itself as an objective the achievement of a high level of quality.

The competition, open to architects and engineers, will take place in a single phase with a total prize pool of over € 20,000.00. The international jury will be chaired by MAD architects, young studio founded in Beijing in 2004, now recognized internationally with works created in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, France and Italy.

Concorrimi is the innovative platform of choice for the management of the competition in the digital platform designed by the Order of Architects of Milan in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and is already used by the City of Bergamo for the recent contests of three squares and the park makeup. In March will be online the official website at contest with all the necessary documentation for the participants. "We went into action for the realization of a high-quality design and exclusivity - explained Gianni Sottocornola, CEO of Granulati Zandobbio S.p.A. - That well represents today our corporate brand in strong development on local and especially foreign markets. We are convinced that the design competition will be of great interest to designers of exclusivity given high visibility location along the A4 motorway and a tool that can give added value to the operation allowing to evaluate a plurality of level design proposals . The decision to publish a notice of international scope is grounded in the awareness of the strategic importance that this intervention is for the company.


Granulati Zandobbio 's goal is to identify the best design proposal for the construction of the new headquarters and events. The multipurpose building will become a landmark by the strong recognition with particular attention towards users bordering the highway and themes related to the subject business. It will be a building dedicated only marginally to house the administrative offices of the company in charge instead to host events thus becoming the heart of the entire group compendium.

The company

The story begins in 1929 with Granulati Zandobbio quarry activities in the municipality of Zandobbio, near Bergamo. Over time, the production and storage are developed in five separate sites on a total area of ​​over 200,000 square meters thanks to the work and vision of four generations of entrepreneurs.

In 2008 the company acquired the large square in the town of Bolgare 120.000mq of the company Marmi Mecca, the most important company in the production of marble and granite in the world of the '60s.

In 2012 born STONE CITY at the Bolgare industrial area along the A4 motorway, a permanent exhibition of 5,000 square meters park that gathers the best environments created with natural stone products Granulati Zandobbio. only area of ​​its kind in the world. Today Granulati Zandobbio is in effect a reference point in the production and sale of a wide range of natural pebbles and stones, to furnish with creativity any type of internal and external environment. The granules Zandobbio business caters today to the 65% to overseas market mainly with EU exports to 80 countries from Japan to Hong Kong, the United States to Caraibi.


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