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How to choose a thermostatic faucet for home?

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Aspects you should keep in mind when choosing a thermostatic tap

The thermostatic tap is the one that allows us to regulate both the temperature of the water and the flow itself. Thanks to its characteristics, in addition to gaining comfort, we can save on water consumption. But what aspects should we keep in mind when choosing it?

What is a thermostatic tap?

A thermostatic faucet is a variety within the faucet that is characterized by allowing the control of the temperature of the water, as well as the flow of it. With this particularity, it is possible to maintain the water at the temperature that we have chosen. This avoids the unpleasant abrupt changes that can burn or cool us suddenly.

It is an option that offers enormous comfort, because the opening of other faucets or the cistern will not affect the water temperature during the shower. By regulating the pressure, we also managed to reduce the unnecessary waste of water, or what is the same, consumption. This can amount up to 40% in each shower. A saving that will be reflected in the amount of our invoices.

How is the operation of a thermostatic faucet?

A thermostatic tap contains a valve in its interior that is what allows to regulate the passage of water. This is composed of three ways, of which one is for hot water, another for cold water and the third for mixing. That is to say, by this way it will go out to the temperature that previously we have selected.

When unforeseen events occur and there is a cut in the cold-water circuit, the thermostatic tap is also able to stop the flow of hot water. In this way, we avoid a possible burn due to the sudden change in temperature.

How can we choose a thermostatic faucet?

In the market we can find different types of taps. In Clever we also have a wide range that includes the thermostatic tap. In order to choose the one that best satisfies our needs, we must take into account the following aspects.

The flow of the tap

Although we have the option of regulating the water flow with a thermostatic tap, there is a regulation that establishes limits for this. In this way, the flow in the bath must be above 20 liters per minute when we have the tap at its maximum opening. The temperatures will be 34º, 38º and 42º and the pressure for the water of three bars. Regarding the shower, the flow must be equal to or greater than 12 liters per minute, in accordance with the same regulations.

Uses of the tap

Before choosing a thermostatic tap, we must value what we want it for. Although it is currently recommended to limit the bathrooms to save water and protect the environment, there are specific taps for this purpose.

We find taps with one or two exits, which serve respectively for the shower and the bathtub. In addition to these, we can also buy single-handle faucets for the washbasins and the sink.

Handle security button

Another important aspect when choosing a thermostatic faucet is the provision of the safety button on the handle. When we regulate this, this button serves to establish a stop and thus ensure that the water temperature will not rise too much.

The temperature that usually comes marked at the factory is 38º. Above this, the water would be too hot and we could suffer a burn when opening the tap excessively or in case of accident. It is a security measure for vulnerable people, such as old women or children.

The quality

In any type of product that we want to acquire, we will find those of higher quality and others of medium and low quality. When choosing a thermostatic tap, it is recommended to bet on the first ones. To make sure they are, just check if they comply with European regulations.

To identify them, look for the CE badge. This mark means that the minimum standard required by the UNE-EN 1982: 2009 standard is being met. All those brands at very low prices are also not recommended, since in the end we will be more expensive than having chosen a high-end one in the first place. In addition to a lower quality, the durability is also reduced in these.

Opting for a thermostatic tap is a wise choice that will not only improve our comfort when showering or using any tap. In addition, it allows us to save water and always enjoy the temperature that we ourselves have wanted. Check our products and contact us if you need more information.

Nine Elegance thermostatic 99731
Nine Elegance thermostatic 99731

Nine Elegance thermostatic 99731

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