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Haver & Boecker
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Experience „knowledge“ inside exceptional architecture

“The exterior black faced brickwork facade was upgraded with a uniform metal mesh facade, which places itself over the building like a glimmering dress. The semi-transparent metal mesh allows the building, despite its different functional areas, to appear as one consistent geometry. Only the façade of the foyer to the forecourt of the Odysseum has been designed as a vitreous entrance gate.“

Dipl.-Ing. Architect Kaspar Kraemer

The Science Adventure Odysseum in Cologne is a place where people of all ages can go to learn interactively; where scientific knowledge is wrapped inside a shell of black brickwork behind a semi-transparent façade of wire mesh from HAVER & BOECKER in Oelde, Germany.

The architecture of the building was designed to support the communication of its scientific contents. In fact the builder and owner, the SK Foundation CSC – Cologne Science Center, designed the interior exhibition first before looking for concepts for the building in an architectural competition. It was in this competition that the concept Kasper Kraemer Architects BDA stood out against several renowned competitors. The most convincing aspect of their design was the façade, which appeared light and transparent, a concept which met the philosophy of the Odysseum.

The wire mesh facade

The key component of the façade is the architectural woven wire mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1032, manufactured by HAVER & BOECKER based in Oelde, Germany. This specific mesh is woven with 73% transparency and gives the façade homogenous character without significantly compromising the view from the inside through the windows.

The mesh elements were manufactured in 9.65m high by 2.65m wide panels. Upon special request from the architect, the panels were attached with eyebolts instead of the commonly used clevis bolts. “HAVER & BOECKER has designed the eyebolt as an alternative to the traditional clevis bolt. As a result the connection of the tension profiles to the substructure is taking a visual back seat and becomes almost invisible”, says HAVER & BOECKER’s Project Manager.

The idea of Odysseum

The interior of the Odysseum continues this holistic approach. With over 7000 square meters of floor space, you will find the exhibit, restaurants and other venues all on one level making it easily accessible for everyone. The design allows for comparatively low operating energy consumption, and all standards of local energy savings regulations are exceeded.

“Form follows function,” a term often been used, but seldom has it been realized so accordingly as it has at the Science Adventure Park Odysseum. Here visitors enjoy 200 different experimental attractions in seven different theme worlds. A modern mixture of science center, research center, and a scientific amusement park all come together in one 5500 square meter facility.

Façade Cladding with Architectural Mesh
Façade Cladding with Architectural Mesh

Odysseum Cologne

Façade Cladding with Architectural Mesh

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