You Can Do Your Bit To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bernd Dettenweitz

Protecting our climate is not equally important for everyone.... you, however, can make an attractive contribution!

The weather has always been unpredictable, it is one of those few phenomena that man can not tame. But it seems ever more unpredictable. Climate change, which many people blindly close their eyes, also does not stop in front of your country and company. The effects may be, according to an IW study, a change in customer behavior or state regulations such as trade in CO2 emissions certificates.

Nowadays, when designing state-of-the-art sales stands, not only architectural quality requirements have to be taken into account, but also their impact on the environment and the climate. The aim is to place kiosks in an architecturally and environmentally balanced relationship, as it is possible with CUBOX. The PV-panels of the CUBOX generate enough solar power to ensure the operation of your business day and night. In addition, no noise or exhaust fumes are produced during operation. This is our active contribution to climate protection.

The CUBOX combines three great systems in one high-quality product:

- Revolutionary kiosk

- Eco-friendly solar power station

- Mobile unit

CUBOX im Garten
CUBOX im Garten

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