BGV, Karlsruhe, Germany

H. Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO

The insurance group BGV / Badische Versicherungen, as a municipal and specialist insurer, has made a name for itself well beyond the borders of Baden. The company now employs a total of 700 staff, of which about 600 work at its headquarters in Karlsruhe.

The main building dates from the 1970s and was beginning to look its age. When the decision for a complete renovation made, one thing was clear: the measures taken should bring about fundamental changes. Since the company policies of BGV commit the organization to sustainability and environmental protection, this had to be reflected when transforming the facility into one of the greenest office buildings in Germany. The stipulated requirements – significant energy savings as well as low operating and follow-up costs – were correspondingly extensive.

After only two years of construction all goals had been reached. In the main building, which was first occupied in 1979, almost nothing remained the same except the supporting structure. The choice of materials was based on environmental requirements and the needs of a modern workplace.

When it came to lighting for the individual workplaces, the main requirements were energy efficiency and design. A choice was made in favor of the free-standing luminaire ATARO with the light management system PULSE from Waldmann. This lighting solution takes into account the high daylight yield of the building’s new glass envelope. ATARO lights up not only in dependence on the intensity of incoming daylight, but also on the presence of people – in other words, only when it is actually needed. To match the bright rooms and the white office furniture, Waldmann delivered a project-specific solution in signal white. The lighting system thus fits perfectly into the new office concept. Also, the stands and switches of the free-standing luminaires were modified to allow optimal placement next to the desks.

BGV, Karlsruhe, Germany

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