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HWAM Intelligent Heat AS
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With the newly-developed Autopilot IHS™ (Intelligent Heat System), HWAM A/S can now present a more intelligent stove that can compete with pellet-burning stoves, heat pumps, solar panels and other, non-fossil energy sources.

HWAM Autopilot IHS™ not only controls combustion automatically – it also allows you to set the room temperature to the required level with the help of a remote control which even tells you when to refuel your stove. Electronic precision that benefits the environment, reduces fuel consumption and makes life easier for you.

This is how easy it is!

Light the fire as usual: with HWAM Autopilot IHS™ all you have to do is to light up as you would do with any ordinary stove. No changes here.

Set the required level for the room temperature: press the appropriate button on the remote control a few times to set the room temperature to the level you want easily and rapidly.

The remote control beeps when it is time to refuel: the intelligent remote control beeps when you should add more firewood. This way you do not have to constantly keep an eye on the fuel level in the stove – HWAM Autopilot IHS™ does it for you.

See our video about Autopilot IHS here:

Before starting

Lighting and stoking guide

The remote control

HWAM Autopilot IHS™ is a combustion expert

built into your stove . See the Autopilot IHS movie here.

How HWAM Autopilot IHS™ works

Temperature and oxygen monitor : the temperature in the stove and the level of oxygen in the flue gas are continually monitored and sent to the control system.

Air box : the air box controls oxygen levels with the help of three, independent air intakes: the room temperature, the temperature in the stove and the level of oxygen in the flue gas.

The remote control : used to set the required level for the room temperature. It automatically tells you when to refuel, monitors the room temperature and sends the data to the control system.

HWAM Autopilot IHS

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