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IAM Design in one of the most «green» buildings of Europe

IAM Design
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The balustrade of the main staircase of Zeb Factory building in Marostica has been realized with the “Bars” system IAM Design, in stainless steel AISI 304 satin finished, with the use of structural posts with circular section, fixed on the side leg of the stair. The balustrades are composed by horizontal rods, of which the upper one is bent down near the landings and the end pieces of the stairs, to ensure a greater aesthetic control of the structure. The special articulated handrail support adapts to the inclination of the stairs.

The building, home of the Rossidue Nord snc, is the first multi-functional complex in Europe in Class A ++, ranked n’ZEB (nearly Zero Emission Building) and GBE (Green Blue Energy) awarded. In realizing a building with such characteristics of eco-sustainability, the main focuses have been the energy saving (building and housing), the energy efficiency (plants), the production of energy from renewable sources and the use of bio-ecological materials. Just for this reason the products of IAM Design have been chosen, since it is a company attentive to the raw materials used, which optimizes the resources, which meets strict criteria of environmental protection, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Choosing IAM Design products, 100% recyclable, means to direct the consumption to a more ethical and sustainable key.


n’ZEB stands for nearly Zero Emission Building and identifies those buildings that considerably reduce the energy needs, through the design of an efficient housing, optimization of heat gains, where energy needs are met by means of plants that produce energy from renewable sources. The total amount of energy used from the building on an annual basis is approximately equal to the amount of renewable energy created in the same.


As part of the international project “GBE Factory: industrial and commercial buildings of the second generation”, it has been created a brand that promotes and rewards the virtuous companies that have invested in the production of renewable energy. The building “ZEB Factory” in Marostica has been certified GBE for adopting combined plants for the production of renewable energy to provide electricity and heat sources, both for the conditioning of the premises and for the feeding of the production activity.

IAM Design in one of the most «green» buildings of Europe

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