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Light by In-es.artdesign


Live performance and new collections on show at Euroluce and Fuorisalone

In-es.artdesign partecipates at Euroluce and Fuorisalone in Lambrate with a live performance, where selected artists, will draw on the lamps of the Matt Lavagna Collection, transforming them into art works and unique pieces.

The lights produced by the company are at once functional and artistic and tactile and metaphorical. At Euroluce, In-es.artdesign presents the latest collections.

They range from the atmospheric Luna collection (made out of Nebulite, a bespoke blend of resin and fiber that replicates the crater-like and textured surface of the moon and creates striking dappled effects), created in 2003, to the recent Matt collection that comes in three finishes – cement, nebula and blackboard. The first finish uses a cement varnish to great effect; the second flaunts an almost marble-like exterior again made out of Nebulite; the third uses a blackboard finish, which can be written on and then erased, exactly like a blackboard. The lavagna (or blackboard) range was designed to evoke childhood games or memories of first days at school, it is a light made for the man or woman that still marvels at the world.

Another recent launch is the be.pop collection inspired by movements like pop art and bebop and composed of Laprene, a material similar to rubber. These pieces come mostly in urban monochromatic colors with bright electrical wires. The signature piece of the collection, is the cacio&pepe, based on the famed Italian parmesan grater, it is a versatile piece that can be a pendant, a table lamp, a wall lamp.

When asked at Oçilunam, founder of In-es.artdesign, where the inspiration for the objects comes from in the main he is equally enigmatic and compelling. “They happen by chance in the true Dadaist sense of the word,” he says. “Chance with its divine imperfections and the corrosive and smoothing intervention of time and its passing.” Accordingly the lights produced by the company are at once functional and artistic and tactile and metaphorical.


04 - 09 April 2017

Euroluce - Pav. 13 Stand L10 . Milan Rho

Fuorisalone - Din Design In - Milan Lambrate

Light by In-es.artdesign

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