Iconic suspension lamp pays tribute to Eiffel

The design of this big pendant lamp references and pays tribute to the most well known and iconic structure in the world: the Eiffeltower.

To understand where the lamp is made of : it’s necessary to go closer and look at it with more caution.

The detailed structure creates a stunning shadow play. The design is also a comment on mass-production, over-production and consuming. The design of the Eiffel tower is enormously overproduced. , used in souvenirs, prints, posters, commercials, coffee-mugs etc. It’s iconic shape is grown larger than the tower itself. Using mass-produced souvenirs as a building-block: I created a new shape and design.

Result is a very expressive, dynamic and striking looking lamp , with layers of humor and poetry hidden in the design.

“Colosseum” wants to express and enhance the positive connotation of the shape it is constructed from.

“COLOSSEUM”   iconic suspension lamp.
“COLOSSEUM” iconic suspension lamp.

“COLOSSEUM” iconic suspension lamp.

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