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Karcher Design
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Cosmos Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze

Black doesn’t only look good in your wardrobe!

The finish is applied electrostatically as a powder coating. This procedure does not require the use of solvents creating an eco-friendly high-quality product. KARCHER door handles in “Cosmos Black” are scratch-proof as well as highly resistant to corrosion. Their powder coating has a unique and pleasant depth to it while the surface itself feels smooth and warm, not unlike that of a palm stone.

All products in the “Oil Rubbed Bronze” range will also be available in “Cosmos Black”. That includes the square rose version, window handles, glass door locks and a variety of other stainless steel accessories.

Torino R53 - Cosmos Black
Torino R53 - Cosmos Black

Rhodos ER28 - Cosmos Black with key hole esc.

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