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Casa de la Brisa de Fran Silvestre

L'Antic Colonial
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The Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio, in cooperation with Alfaro Hofmann for the decoration of interiors, has undertaken a fresh project on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in which white features strongly both inside and outside the home, filling the whole space with purism and elegance.

In this project, natural products from L’Antic Colonial were also present in the outside area, in relation to the idea of developing a quality space in the contemporary architectural line of this residence.

Chennai White natural stone was the material of choice for paving the entrance area and the terrace. With its white range, intermingled with grey tones, this material maintains a style similar to the interior of the house and is used for various outdoor purposes including paving, entrance stairs or cladding.

The house has a single storey consisting of two cubic volumes, thus gaining enviable height that is extraordinarily beneficial for the entry of light into the residence. Similarly, the porch area is more enclosed to provide greater privacy in the home.

Despite having just one storey, there was also space for a terrace at the top of the house. Chennai White de L’Antic Colonial quartzite is also a main feature in this area that provides extreme elegance, whilst it is also a suitable material due to its resistant properties in outdoor spaces, which makes it an ideal natural stone for this space.

Photography: Diego Opazo

Casa de la Brisa de Fran Silvestre

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