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Natural wood gives life to a Lisbon home

L'Antic Colonial
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Architect Mariana Morgado, along with Your Home, his architectural studio, has undertaken a single-family home project in the Portuguese city of Lisbon. In this work, the general flooring and other additions are coated with natural wood from L’Antic Colonial.

A modern style that blends minimalism with a rustic design, as this is a home with high ceilings that lets us glimpse the roof structure of the house. At the same time, the untarnished white stands out as the main colour on all the walls and ceilings, the very things that make this residence both spacious and serene.

Regarding the natural wood of L’Antic Colonial, this is the Authentic 1L Chrome, reference, with coppery-brown shading in which the knots and designs offset the darker colours. This is due to its hand-crafted, brushed finish that gives it a unique touch capable of making us feel the purity and naturalness of the wood.

Hence the large width slats (24cm) pave the whole floor of the room, perfectly combining the wood shades with the white-coloured remainder of the house. Furthermore, one of the rooms in this house boasts two large wardrobes on each side, also coated with this same natural wood. This application to the room’s furniture gives the latter a touch of warmth and quality.

Natural wood gives life to a Lisbon home

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