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Metal Mosaics

L'Antic Colonial

The visual brilliance of Colors comes to L’Antic Colonial

The L’Antic Colonial’s metalised mosaics collection has been extended to include Colors, an attractive series which focuses on colour and originality for its exclusive design in all type of interior cladding.

Colors Aluminium strength lies in its wide range of chromatic shades whose vivid colours represent a daring and groundbreaking decorative challenge for any space. L’Antic Colonial has a total of eight different models among which we can find the reddish tones of Crimson, the freshest and most natural range in Chocolate, Olive and Forest, and the violet tones of Nebulous, Jean, Pepper and Space, each with a bent and personality of its own for every space.

L’Antic Colonial’s Metal Mosaics family has grown with this new collection inspired in the simplicity of its geometric shapes. Every shape comprises a series of diamond- textured hexagonal tiles in a matt finish. The different tones and brightness in the same range infuse the whole with a unique visual beauty. Combined with different materials and less vibrant textures, they give rise to unique spaces in which the Colors cladding is the star.

The eight models in the collection are available in a metalised finish in a 28.5cm x 30.5cm x 0.2cm format. The technical specifications of the series mean that the coatings can be installed in damp areas without deteriorating, thereby extending their possibilities to their use in bathrooms or kitchens to create modern and exclusive environments.

L’Antic Colonial’s Colors mosaics are the ideal and daring way to personalise any area and give it that special touch.

Metal Mosaics

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